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Classes for ages 3 years and older!  

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We have a new online registration and everyone must re-register for their new accounts.  We are simplifying our registration for both dance and gymnastics under one location :)

Please Note:
We are moving forward with “contactless” forms and payments. 
All waiver forms are online for you to acknowledge and sign.  When you register, you will be asked for a card on file.

We DO NOT process the payments,

unless you authorize payment. 
You must authorize your payment once your account is set.  Please select e-payment schedule either 1st or 8th of the month. 

you wish to pay by cash or check, make your payment by the end of the month before

the 1st or make arrangements to

pay another date.

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Did you dance with us since June 2020?

You may try to log into our new parent portal with your email address and select "forgot password" to get new link and reset password.

Please make sure you update all information when you enroll for classes

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