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Aloha Dance Studio was founded in 2002 to serve the needs of students all over the Kauai.  Since we opened our doors, our Dance School has helped an impressive amount of students build self-esteem, self-confidence, and team building skills through the art of dance. Our innovative and fun teaching methods help students really latch onto the material, and take charge of their own learning.  We continue to strive to bring a fun and professional learning experience to ages 3 years old and up.

We are currently working on expansion across our island of Kauai.  Currently we have 2 studios in our Lihue Area and would love to expand to our east and west sides with satellite studios.  Our goal is to provide more classes for our Keiki and better convenience for our parents and guardians to get them to class.  We all know our traffic has become heavier on this island and traveling any distance is getting more time consuming.  

Our passion behind dance classes is more than just teaching any style.  Our staff loves what they do and love working with all ages.  Dance provides so much more than just movement.  Studies have shown that taking dance classes reduce anxiety and depression and release good endorphins to lift spirits.  Here’s just a basic list of many reasons why dance is important in our lives!  We should all find time to dance!


So Why Dance...

Physical: * Balance & Coordination * Structured physical activity * Correct posture & body alignment * Strength & Flexibility * Athleticism & Kinesthetic awareness

Artistic: * Self-expression * Creativity * Communication * Aesthetic awareness * Musicality

Intellectual: * Critical thinking skills * Problem solving * Time management * Concentration & Focus
* Self-discipline


Emotional: * Confidence * Commitment * Determination * Self-respect * Joy & excitement

Social: * Camaraderie * Responsibility * Respect for others * Teamwork * Tolerance

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