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I will be keeping everyone posted for now here and through emails, FB & IG to help everyone stay informed.


Aloha Families,

We are getting excited!

We are in the works of setting up our first Virtual Summer program and we can’t wait! Of course we want to get Into the classroom ASAP, but we also want to just starting dancing again while we are setting up all our new safety measures to be back in the classroom! We all love you and miss you tons!

Stay tuned as our Virtual Summer Program info will be coming soon! And yes, we will have classes for our ages 3 years old through adults! Something for everyone including conditioning/exercise classes too 🥰

We are also able to offer private lessons from most of our instructors at this point as well.  If you are interested, please email info@alohadancestudio.com for more information.


Aloha Families!  Happy Boys Day & Cinco De Mayo!

As you know we have to continue to keep our doors closed at this time :(

We have started an IG @adskauai where some of our teachers are holding live classes, tutorials and even some workout videos (for the whole family)  We want so much to be back in the classrooms, but until we get the OK... we need to social distancing.  We understand these times are difficult for all involved and we are hoping to open our doors up sooner than later. 

As we continue, we will not be charging anyone for our FREE social media platforms.  We encourage you to continue practicing and engaging with us.  On our BAND app we have all the choreography posted and some of our teachers are even holding ZOOM chats, live engaged classes and posting amazing content.  I encourage you to join your BAND app class and if you don't have the app, just email me Info@AlohaDanceStudio.com and I can send you your code to join.

I meet with our teachers weekly on zoom to continue brainstorming and figuring out ways to continue to grow and gear up for when we do return.  

As you are aware, the studio is also suffering financial loss at this time, with being closed now for over 6 weeks.  We are optimistic disaster loans will eventually be processed down the road (it's an extremely long process) as millions of other small businesses across the nation have also applied for such loans. 


In efforts to keep the studio open for when we are allowed to continue, if you find it in your heart on this #givingtuesday, we would greatly appreciate any donation at this time.  Even a few dollars will help make a difference.  You can make a donation by going to the top of our parent portal page and follow our online payment.  In the "company" field, just enter donation in that field.  Thank you for your continued support through all of this.  We are better together!

Mrs. Tiffany & ADS Ohana



Aloha Families

As many of you know, we will continue to stay closed until April 30th as we are following the DOE guidelines.  We have been setting up our new BAND app for each individual class.  If you did not receive your class code and music yet, just email us:  Info@alohadancestudio.com

and we will get that to you asap.

As we continue to "stay at home" we are encouraging you and your families to keep active!  We also have tons of fun stuff on our newest private FB group just for current students, so let us know if you didn't receive that link either!  Double check your spam/junk folders and make sure you have Info@alohadancestudio.com on your whitelist to keep updates comings.

Thank you for your patience through these trying times.


Aloha Families

As many of you know we are now continuing to remain closed following the DOE schedule.  They are saying we will be back on April 7th, however we aren't sure what our future holds right now.  My heart goes out to all families that are being affected by the COVID-19 virus.  We are an amazing island and together we can get through this.  Also, please note, that if you had an automatic monthly tuition set up, you will not be charged until further notice when we get back to the studio.

I had a conference call with all the teachers and I will be getting all of you the class recital music that they had been practicing emailed out to you within the next few days as I receive it.   If you have not been receiving our emails yet, please scroll to the bottom of this page and update your account.  Please note, if you are a current student you have an account.  If you have never logged into your account, just click "activate active account"    If you still can't log in, please email info@alohadancestudio.com and I will update your account for you.


We have also decided to set up a private Aloha Dance Studio FB group for all current students and families.  On this site our teachers will be sharing tips, tricks, fun combo's, as well as national online events that are dance related to help us all keep moving.  There may even be fun challenges the teachers send your way!


Here is our FB GROUP:   aloha dance studio -spring 2020

With all our love,,

Mrs. Tiffany & our ADS Ohana


Aloha Families


As you know we are currently on Spring Break and that the schools have now extended break for an extra week.  You and your families safety has always been important to us and we would like to continue to keep our island safe.  We will continue to monitor our Department of Education, CDC, county and state guidelines and will keep you posted as much as possible.  


As of now, it's a day to day situation.  We will try to get back into the classrooms when schools get back in session, but will keep you updated as more information becomes available.  This is an uneasy situation for us all, but I believe that if we all work together, we can all get through this.  


With this being said, I would like to open up Aloha Dance Studio facebook page to allow us all to help each other out.  I know with stores running out of items such as baby wipes, formula etc, Miss Ashley is one of our teachers who is finding it hard to find such items as many of you may be facing.  We also have many families with Generational homes and need to look out for each others well being.  I will have one post saying "how can we help"  place your questions/comments under this post so we only have one feed going.


Also, we can open up our FB page for educational links for our keiki, and I have even been posting FREE dance workshops from around our nation.  


I will also be talking with the teachers this week to see if we can come up with some videos of your childs dances to keep them moving at home.  As of now our Recital isn't until June, however, depending on when we can get back into the studio, we may be pushing the recital out for a later date.


Let's continue to pray for our healthcare workers on the frontlines, for our families, communities, and our island.  We can get through this if we take precautions now.


Thank you all for your continued support and understanding through these difficult times.

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