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To keep things in order during classes we have a few rules that should always be followed.


First and foremost, always respect your teacher, and fellow classmates in each and every class.  Pay attention and focus, you will be able to work together as a team.


Please no gum in class.


Bring a “healthy” snack if you need to.  Always make sure you throw your rubbish away.  We have garbage and recycling bins outside our backdoor.


We also offer snacks and drinks for sale in our studio which is an ongoing fundraiser for our company students for their travel expenses to attend a National Dance Convention & Competition on Oahu every spring.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave your valuables at home.  Always check to see if you are leaving with everything you brought in with you.


There is a lost and found by our front door in our lobby if you think you left something behind, please check there.


All bags should be brought into class with you.  Please do not leave anything in our lobby hallways.







Practice make perfect!!


Attendance is very important at every level and we encourage you to not miss classes if at all possible.  Repetition makes for perfection – We always strive for a feeling of harmony and professionalism.  Finalizing details for neatness is compulsory.  Good Theater ethics are crucial and in any professional art form, DISCIPLINE is what makes the difference.


Each week we add new dance steps to prepare for our recitals.  It becomes very difficult for the students when classes have regular absences.  Not only does the instructor have to review every week for those gone the week before, it holds back the class on improving their technique.


Please try to minimize your absences this season to ensure your child does not get too far behind.


With Covid, please be mindful if you are not feeling well and stay home, you can always make up the class when you are feeling better.

Please email the  if you are unable to attend a class.  Missed classes may be made up within one month of the absence if a class is available.  No refunds will be given if classes are missed.




Currently - we do not have observation in class rooms due to covid-19 restrictions.  We are hoping to be able to go back to our normal routine of observations soon.  Thank you for understanding


Normal OBSERVATION IS LIMITED TO THE LAST WEEK OF EACH MONTH.  ONLY ONE PERSON PER STUDENT IS ALLOWED INTO THE DANCE ROOM AT A TIME (unless approved by the instructor) Space is limited in the dance room and becomes such a distractions to our little ones.


When we get moving along with our dances for the recital, I will be glad to email a copy of the music for you.  You can email the studio and ask for your music for your class and time.  Please allow a few days to gather music from teachers if you take more than one class.


I also encourage parents to video during observation week to record the dance steps for them to practice with at home.





Students should arrive for class about 10 minutes early so they can change clothes and shoes and be ready when class begins. 


DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TOO EARLY.  If you need to drop off more than 15 minutes before class, please call the studio and advise us of the situation.  Please send something with your child to keep them occupied until class begins, such as a book or homework.  They may not run around the studio.  This is a place of business.





Please pick-up your child promptly after class.  If you are going to be late, please call the studio.  You must come in to pick up any child under the age of 10 years old.  For safety reasons, they must stay inside the building until a parent or guardian picks them up.


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