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 Transition into Thrive With Movement & Hawaii Academy of Art

We are excited to move forward into a new era!

Transitioning to Thrive With Movement will allow us to utilize state and federal funding for our Keiki on Kauai and allow access to all arts forms through scholarship programs, workshops and more.

Our heart is to do more and give more to our Keiki and Families!!

Thrive With Movement (TWM) will begin August 2024.  Everything will be very similar, just operations will move under TWM.  Classes will still be the same and we will continue to do our Recitals in December and June and perform at other community events.

We are excited to introduce new programs too!!


  • Overview of New Dance Programs:

    • Introduction of the Preparatory Program:

      • 3rd grade to 5th grade students. (old mini company)

      • Objective: Preparation for auditioning at the Hawaii Academy of Arts through technique classes.

      • Curriculum:

        • Ballet, jazz, and choreography classes.

        • Conditioning/tumbling classes.

        • Recommendation of taking other genres.

        • Incorporation of master classes and workshops throughout the year.

        • Attend JUMP and compete in May

        • Special performances throughout the year

    • Hawaii Academy of Arts Dance Program (old company programs)

      • Overview of various levels.

      • Audition process for placement.

      • Integration of old Aloha Dance Studio company elements.

      • Introduction of teaching assistance and advanced level learning.

      • Inclusion of choreography classes and peer teaching opportunities.

      • Flexibility in class selection based on student level.  Genre geared for individual students ex:  Hip Hop strong would have certain classes for that program, Lyrical strong would have certain classes for that.

      • Attend JUMP and compete in May

      • New Performance opportunities such as the Kennedy Center in DC
        Check out the Kennedy Center:

    • Mentorship Program:

      • Assistance for high school students in college or career paths.

    • Additional Classes:

      • Focus on mental health, nutrition, muscle knowledge and care, body awareness, etc. Our middle and high school students  will have separate classes for 1 hour per week to talk story, share, Braindump, team build and more!  We will also be able to bring in guest speakers to talk about mental and physical health, nutrition, preventative injury etc.

      • Semester/level-based structure with elective in other arts such as theater, music etc.

    • Commitment and Duration:

      • One-year commitment from July to June 

    • Multidisciplinary Approach:

      • Inclusion of dance, theater, voice, music, film/media, fashion, and performance literature.

      • Opportunity for involvement in multiple arts programs.

    • Partnerships and Connections:

      • Existing connections with studios and schools in LA, NY, DC, and expanding.

      • Recent connections with Juilliard and other institutions.

      • Enthusiastic mentors and instructors willing to contribute to the program on Kauai.

We will also be starting an amazing new full day summer program starting 2025 and will be gearing up to do smaller day programs during school breaks leading up to next summer.


  • Next Steps:

    • Action items for the transition process. 

      • Thrive with Movement will start August 2024.   

      • Exclusivity into Hawaii Academy of Arts through Thrive With Movement.

      • Those who join us in the summer classes will have the special invitation to our Inaugural Dance Program for HAOA and will have a discounted locked-in rate for the 2024-2025 school year.   

      • Dance Program for Hawaii Academy of Arts will begin August 2024 with other disciplines to follow beginning no later than January 2025

Here is a little more info from Hawaii Academy of Arts that will offer more performing art classes including Film/media, acting, music, voice and literature.

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